1200 Kms, The family Patriarch turns 80 and a challenge complete. 65,66/66

As road trips go this was a doozy… The five hour journey to the city was only interrupted by the need to eat and stretch the legs. By the time I got to about 45kms out of suburbia I decided that it was time to go off-road.

There is a forestry track that takes an hour off the trip if you are up for the adventure so me and my ford focus decided that was the way for us. There is something really lovely about being on a dirt road in the forest and not seeing another vehicle in either direction for the duration of the dirt drive. I have often seen wallabies and kangaroos on this track and the Giant actually had a full grown emu run out and straight into the side of his car on a previous trip. Gratefully this was event free and I arrived at the Mundaring Weir in one piece and much more relaxed than if I had got through suburbia!!

I met up with the Giant at our house in the outskirts of the city. We did some work on figuring out where we are going to build our next project. then we headed into the city for our stay at our mystery location.

661 662 663

When a mystery location turns out to be the Hyatt you know the weekend is going to be good.

20 minutes exercise.

One day walking and the next swimming gave me the opportunity to do my exercise. Swimming at 6;30 am was a very quiet experience as only a couple of other people braved the pool at that time of the morning. It was a little surreal to be surrounded by the high rise elements of the hotel and to be doing my thing. Very different from the beautiful beach that is my usual haunt yet still fit for purpose.

20 minutes learning.

This culminated in a series of building elements. Learning about foundations and positioning of structure and the next day learning about the benefits of argon filled double glazing. There are complexities to both these elements that will be an ongoing learning experience, both critical to the building and its strength and efficiency.

20 minutes planning

Yet again building was heavily involved in my time over the weekend. As was a great many sundry things that need to be achieved to get this project off the ground. More enjoyable was the planning and executing of the photo shoot for the surprise birthday celebrations.

The family Patriarch turns 80 this week and so we surprised him with a get together. That is quite a milestone as at 80 many of his peers have already departed this mortal coil. If looked quite chuffed as we positioned various members of the family in the photos.

He has always been a story teller and that will never change so the festivities would not have been complete without some of his tales… But that is a whole other blog!

Day 66

Here I am 66 days later and yes a ritual has been created. A new way of being and living has begun. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of the adventure.

Love light and gratitude Ali xxx


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