Not a cloud in the sky just amazing… Feeling blessed. 68

Well today started out spectacularly well.. Riley is back home and was very excited to be getting in the car and heading for the beach this morning.

We arrived to find no a cloud in the sky and the water looked glorious.

681 682

As we walked and talked Riley ran and played and then headed for the rock ledge with the Giant in tow.

683 684

I love the way the light plays on the surface of the water and how it changes the way everything looks.

685 686

The feel of the sand beneath my feet and the cool water swirling round my ankles is quite hypnotic. It is as if time is irrelevant. I like to just walk and let it all soak into my being. Just beautiful.

As we returned toward the car park I notice this one small bunch of seaweed in a rock pool it looked so pretty.


Then in the last of the rock pools I found my small sea slug from yesterday just working its way down a frond of weed on the side of the pool. The little antennae are fabulous, if you move close they retract and then slowly reappear.


The drive home was followed by a great session of practise on my guitar… How wonderful life is.

Feeling immense gratitude for the opportunities that life is offering me… Peace and light Ali xxx


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