The strangest of creatures washed up from the sea. 69

Sometimes when I walk on the beach I see amazing things.

My list includes:

  • dolphins surfing in the waves
  • albatross
  • octopus
  • amazing waves
  • surfers doing their thing
  • beautiful skies
  • crazy rain
  • sand between my toes

This morning was no different other than what I saw was completely different to anything I had seen before.

I often see crabs that have been eaten and their perfectly cleaned remains laying on the beach.  Yet this was different again.

691 692 693

There on the sand, way up on the high tide mark, lay a fish of some kind. Completely hulled out and perfectly intact. Almost prehistoric looking it lay there looking feather light. I wondered how this had come to be like this and not to have been smashed on the rock shelf. It dawned on me that at high tide the water is deep over the rock shelf and as such it would have just washed over and landed right here on higher ground.

I wonder what it had seen on its life journey and what it would have considered as strange. Probably a strange lady taking photos of its remains would count in that category.

Nothing compares with the joy that these early morning walks bring, other than to be able to share them with other walkers, as the sun is rising. And rise it does a little later every morning.

Feeling grateful and surprised all in one. Love and light Ali xxx


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