Wild seas and a new 90 day challenge! 71/72


The last two days have been wild in the morning.. The ocean has been like a washing machine with lots of bubbles and froth. I am of the mind that the Giants worst work gear would have come clean out there in the wash!! or maybe ripped to shreds on the rocks.

721 722 723

No walking on the rock shelf for this girl today as I was fearful of being swept into the tumultuous sea.. So over the rocks I climbed with Riley in tow that is until he realised that the Giant was out on the shelf…

Down the rock face he clambered and out onto the shelf. The Giant was watching an octopus that had moved across the shelf towards him. A big wave obscured it from view and the Giant was left waiting for it to, his words, “Grab me by the leg and drag me out to sea” . Now that I would have filmed… hehe!!

My ritual of walking the beach and then planning and learning are now embedded in my life. Sure there is the occasional day where it doesn’t go to plan but that is life.

My next challenge is a 90 Day project.

It is going to take a couple of days to get the required things ready to start then we will be off on a new journey. Incorporating the Holy hour in the morning, that I have now learnt to love, there will be some new challenging additions to this practise. Watch this space as things might just get interesting.

Love and light Ali xxx


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