Riley and beach art… 73

Riley loves going to the beach. When my alarm goes off in the morning the first sound I hear after I turn it off is the excited sounds of my fabulous golden retriever Riley. Rain, hail or shine he is ever enthusiastic about getting in the car and heading for the beach.

He is my really well behaved well mannered furry companion… How I know you all expected me to say that was the Giant, and he is furry, but this one is a blonde!!

731 735

Right about now my sister Jamtart will be smiling as she can well attest to the fact that I was never a dog person. There have been a couple that I warmed to over time, namely her German Shepherd and her Rottweiler, but in general I have always been a cat person.

Riley has however changed my life and me into a dog person too…

I have walked a lot of kilometres with Riley as my only companion.. Walking quietly and taking in the view from a number of vantage points. Now we walk on the beach like two halves of a shell.. Different yet we fit together like a team. We adventure together and enjoy each others company. Love is a strange thing, for I do love this fluffy ball of personality who makes me smile and helps me to stay on track.

Today there was a lot of small piles of week on the beach. The cloud started dissipating as we walked and the light unveiled some lovely weed art along the way.

732 733 734

There is so much beauty out there in nature. It costs nothing to be a part of it all. Just put one foot in front of the other and enjoy and look and learn and feel the gratitude of the privilege we have to be able to experience this kind of joy.

Love light and gratitude.  Ali xx


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