A perfect landing and take off on a clear blue day. 74

Have you every looked at the sky and wondered what it would be like to fly?


Today was that kind of day. Walking on the pristine beach where the footprints from yesterday only existed higher than the tide line. The sky before sunrise has the amazing capacity to draw you in and hold you suspended in its almost light.

Riley was quickly racing about looking and smelling everything.


By the time we got on to the long beach the light was getting brighter and the wind blowing in my face.

A lone seagull flew by and then decided to set down on the beach. In one move it alighted on the ground, looked around, then lifted off leaving a perfect set of footprints behind.


Soon the sun was peeking over the escarpment and the brilliance made me squint. The warm rays reaching out into the day.


As we approached the end of the long beach, the waves and the blueness captivated me. I looked, inhaled deeply then headed for the car park.


May your mornings bring you clarity joy and may your landings be perfect.

Love and light Ali xxx


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