Isn’t Nature Amazing…

A recent visit to my sisters included a fascinating discovery. I am forever intrigued by the way nature mimics itself in an effort to camouflage the delicate creatures from predators.

One momentary step out of my sisters back door led to the discovery of this gorgeous moth that only attracted my attention as I was wondering what the dead leaf was attached to!

Closer inspection reveals this amazing little fellow.


Those of you who know me well will know that I am quite a fan of insects and what intrigued me the most about this ‘dead leaf’ was the detail at the tips of the wings that truly looks like a dead leaf.


We, as in the human race, often claim our superiority at the top of the food chain and yet the complexity of these little creatures is amazing.

A discovery that gave me a true sense of joy and wonder. Feeling blessed.

Peace and light Ali xxx


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