Being followed by a black dog while trying to make today count.

make today count

For a girl who was never a fan of dogs, till I got Riley, I seem to attract them to me.

The black one that was curled up on the mat met me as I exited the back door as if it had always been there. No matter what I did or said or thought it just wouldn’t leave. It followed me as if it owned me draining my energy and my resistance to seeing it.

Meanwhile Riley sat watching me. Day by day he just looked at me with his big eyes ever confident that I would turn my attention back to him. Yet for some inexplicable reason the black dog had me so distracted and detached.

On automatic I do the things that need doing and labour long and hard with the things that need more energy than I feel I have left to give. Still I keep putting one foot in front of the other facing the challenges even if it is somewhat daunting.

Today I awoke and made the decision that it was time to make today count. So I am doing everything with intent today. Getting up Riley looked at me with such expectation that I got dressed and we headed to the beach.


We walked for the first time in a while and as I walked I tried to suck in all the energy that the pounding waves were spraying in my direction.

By the time I got home I felt the subtle shift in me. So I will continue to have move forward with intent. The black dog has moved off still just sitting in the periphery of my view but moving just the same.

So make today count people.  Love light and intent. Ali xx


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