The storm approaches… The giant is gone…

Yesterday amid a thick mass of humid dense air the weather created some amazing clouds. The evening closed in and the air became almost unbreathable..

Then in the early hours of the morning the heaven ruptured and down came the rain.  By daybreak it was running like a series of chaotic river and the temperature had dropped significantly.

As I looked out the kitchen window at the leaves and tree debri racing by in the current I reflected on the Giants love of this weather. He would don a rain jacket and head out with spade in hand to redirect the flow of water. Ensuring that no major erosion occurred on his watch.


Now i I watch from the window and reflect on how much of my life has washed away on the current since the giant passed away. I miss his ingenuity and inventiveness. I miss his laughter and madness. But most of all I miss the love he gave me. The security of knowing he loved me. The smell of his skin next to mine.

Like the weather life can change in an instant and we are left standing, waiting,questioning everything.


The one thing I know for sure is I wouldn’t change a single thing about the life we shared. I just wish it had continued on forever.

Till next we meet my heart lies waiting..



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