The universe says… get up and get moving!

Well that is what it was saying this morning when i woke up to find Jamtart already dressed and ready to go. We had agreed last night on a plan for today an so it was that i put on an old pair of her joggers, drank my apple cider vinegar in hot water ( inner hippy switched on), and we set off. Chase and Boston were both ecstatic about heading toward the park both behaving like the excited fur balls that they are.

There was a hint of misty rain in the air as we strode out in the direction of the first light indicating that sunrise was not far away. We had crossed the first park when my sore foot ( planter fasciitis to be accurate) kicked in and slowed my pace. Wearing somebody else’s tight shoes is not what i would recommend however for the sake of decorum i thought it best to try! Jamtart offered to swap shoes i gratefully tried however the ones on her feet were less comfortable than the ones i had on. Time to make an executive decision…

At this point my inner wandering gypsy took hold of the situation and I removed my shoes and socks and grounded myself… well almost.  Its not quite the same walking barefoot on bitumen and concrete as it is walking on the beach (my favourite place for walking barefoot) or even walking in the soft spongy forest floor.  It was however a relief from the shoes and i felt my chakras align and the universe and my feet breathed a sigh of relief.  Jamtart and i laughed as i avoided broken beer bottles and debri on the footpath and headed for home even if it was at a slightly more tentative pace.


The light misty rain fell but not enough to penetrate my layers of clothing or my spirit. Enroute we had planned our individual days and worked up an appetite. Time for a hot shower and some breakfast and headed off in separate directions to start the day.

For years i claimed Jamtart and i  were nothing alike and yet as we have matured ( yes i can hear you all choking on your cuppa, please apologise to the person opposite who you just sprayed in you raucous outburst!) We have found that the star and planets in our sisterly orbits have aligned and we have way more in common than we imagined.

So it was that our individual plans for this beautiful day began… and here is where it gets hilarious… so we both head in different directions ending up at a shopping center. One realising the apple cider vinegar was ready to exit the building ( so to speak) heads for a random bathroom facility only to find the other coming out of said same facility… no we are nothing alike.
To top it off we return this afternoon to discover that we had both purchased a nice drink while we were out… you guessed it… snap! We bought the same thing. Turmeric latte with almond milk!!! Bet you didnt see that coming!


So we may have set out to achieve different things today but it seem the universe had our bladders, tastebuds and feet moving to a syncopated rhythm.  Peace and light… xx


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