The universe says up up and away

It was a very grey cold morning as i woke up to the realisation that today was the day. Well yesterday to be exact! Perth 1.something freezing degrees, cold enough to chill anything. Make a mental note of this under category of not doing anything by halves!!

As always there was still a list of things to complete one of which was to cancel some insurance i no longer needed. Got a lovely customer service person on the phone. Una, from the said insurance company should get a medal. Not only was she extremely helpful (miracle one) she was also incredibly funny (being irish helped). So during the chitter chat and belly laughing (Una, Jamtart and I in a speaker conversation) she espoused not only travel advice, romantic advice and insurance advice (who knew insurance companies could be so comprehensive lol) and also gave us her life story as well. (Miracle 2).

There was just enough time to stop in Aveley for a quick Tumeric latte, Paleo pumpkin bread with avocado smash, rocket and a soft poached egg ( miracle 3) before heading back to Jamtarts house to see Fluffy and the olds.

Airports are lovely places and i was happy to arrive and get inside without getting rained on. With Jamtart, Plumberina and Bell as my wave me off party i was good to go. (Well as Good as i was going to be filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation). Once i had moved through the barrier i was okay apart from one small detail…
Somehow moving through the security process i misplaced my phone and the belt for my jeans!! Luckily for me it was safe and sound at the security podium with a very apologetic man who was looking for the man who lost it!! Apparently not an unrealistic expectation for a black phone and a black leather belt. (Apparently the x-ray machine is also a time machine back to the 1950s lol considering myself lucky he didnt need any ironing done). 

Flight was awesome, comfortable and roomy aboard the new 787 dreamliner. Not a single downside to that…

Now cast your mind back to the beggining of this epic post and the temperature of 1.something for which i was appropriately dressed. Slingshot forward 10.5 hrs to UAE where i landed at 11.35pm outside temperature 41C. The only sensible option was to get a sleep pod!
Those of you who know the floating me ( sensory deprivation not chemicals lol) know i am quite comfortable in enclosed spaces. So i climbed into my pod, shut the lid and slept… Then took the trek to the shower ( yes Fluffy 2 of the little soap sheets the size of a matchbox was enough for a shower). 
Now i have had a banana and water and am watching the peasoup desert fog roll past the window. Todays forecast 41C..  looking forward to Manchester ( who would have thought lol)
Peace light and tiny droplets of sweat making me glow xxx


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