The universe says… good morning from a room with a view.

Taxi drivers are a breed unto themselves and although my lovely Jamaican man was delightful to chat to… had been doing this for 16 years in Cork… he had no idea where the address for my bnb was! Keep in mind it is now 11pm local time. 

It is pleasantly cool as we drive, me with the window down sucking in fresh cool green air, when he asks if i know how to get there! Thank goodness for google maps you all say… but wait…

As many of you would know if you had visited my house in Australia i would tell you the address and then give you directions ( old school mud map style) as the GPS is only as good as the person who loads the information. So having loaded the address in we arrive at a hilly location that lokks nothing like the ad on airbnb.. laughter is always good in these situations and i had made enough of a connection with Jamaica that he let me pay for the ride then set about trying to find Emillie and her house. 

After asking some locals standing out front of a party ( all very cheerful, couldnt understand a word, Polish me thinks) i give Jamaica the phone number and he calls.. 

In a few minutes the absolutely lovely Emillie appears and guides me down the laneway to her house. We clicked straight away. She is a vegan, free spirited atheist and me a omnivore, free spiruted mormon.. lol match made in heaven or the cosmos!!

Talking comes easy to us both so soon we are chatting, she gives me the tour of this tiny 200+ year old house, makes me herbal tea and i get settled. Shower and bed the most important thing on the agenda. Then sleep of the dead. Heavy deep sleep from a body grateful for a real bed.

I woke this morning to the light streaming in through the window and a beautiful view. Feeling blessed, excited and hugely grateful to the universe.. time to get up and go adventuring…. cant wait. 

Love light and beauty xxx


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