Universe says…  take the free walking tour around Cork 

Today was all about exploring on foot. I was up at 7 (not too shabby considering i arrived in the middle of the night) heading out the door after a herbal tea and a banana. It was a beautiful morning (very quiet place or so i thought) and after a quick look at the map on google i headed out for town. After walking for quite sometime i decided to ask a local dog walker if i was heading into the city. Apparently not, lol into the rural he says, you need to go back the other way… i thanked him and assured him it had been a pretty walk to which he replied ‘ah well nothings open yet so maybe have breakfast first’ lesson 1 for today update location in phone for correct time. Apparently 6am was real time!

So it was that a couple of hours later i headed out this time with directions from the lovely Liam and Daisy ( sweet guests in the other room who arrived the day before me) this time heading into town approximately 2.3kms down hill.

As i got to town i noticed a shop called Paddywagon Ireland so i popped in to see if they had a walking map. Alas they only had one of the town center luckily as we chatted i found out they had another shop in the inner city that ran free walking tours. So with new directions in hand i headed off to find location 2.

A lovely american girl, who is studying her Masters in Psychology in coaching, was the guide leading 4 french students and myself off on tour. 

It was awesome, she knew lots of local history so the shots above are of:

  • St Finbarres Cathedral ( third one on the site as previous two were destroyed during rebellions)
  • The panoramic shot is from the top of the fort where the cannon fire came from that damaged the cathedral
  • The River Lee shot from a bridge, one of many that cross over the two legs of the river that surround the city centre
  • The statue commemorating the young men who died fighting for Irelands independence in the Irish wars is beautiful and poignant.
  • The Pride stairs next to the Dominican Church lead us up yet another hilly street.
  • Next stop four liars bell tower so called due to the four faces never giving the same time ( while we stood at the bottom some clever sould was playing ode to joy on the bells, just magic)
  • Butter market where they measure things in firkins!! ( who knew Jamtart you are a butter person lol)
  • The last shot is St Patricks stairs but more about that later.

Lesson 2  for the day came when my camera battery died!!!!!!!! Slapping myself for that one.. So you miss out on shots of: 

  • The English markets
  • The Irish Markets
  • The walk around the shopping district
  • The Cork art gallery
  • Lots of live music
  • The walk home!!

By now the worms were gnawing so it was time to look for a supermarket for supplies. I finally found a shop called…  wait for it… Supa value…. and got some food for dinner breakfast etc. 

Time to head home the 2.3 kms back up the hill!!! 

I start ascending St Patricks stairs and get about halfway up before i need a good sit down. An irishman in an old suit comes over and says ” warm day, too hot for walking” and sits down next to me.

It turns out Sean, 63 and on his own, thought i had been out in the sun to long and suggested i get the bus. I told him i was happy to walk and just needed to catch my breath before getting on with it. We chatted a while and he told me he thought i was brave travelling on my own. We shared a bit of story with each other, him shy with women been alone a long time, me alone but adventuring.

Advice comes from funny places sometimes… Sean said when i was ready i should be open to getting a new man (bless him) apparently a young woman like me deserved another good man (and before you ask, no he didnt volunteer!!) But he told me to be wary of men who would romance me and take my money.. we laughed and i wished him well and got up and continued on the stairs.

Eventually i made it to the road i came down this morning only now my legs feel far more like jelly than they did when i set out. So i did a few stretches on the last step and headed back for a feed and a really good sit down with a cup of mint tea.

Heres hoping i can still walk tomorrow. Stretching with gratitude for this fabulius day. 

Peace, light and love xxx


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