The universe says… time to catch up with L&D… 

Lazing around was the order for the morning. Grey mist rain had closed in and everywhere was shrouded in a cloak of soft cool droplets. Just perfect for laying in bed. 

A quick message from L let me know that they wotuld come with A to pick me up so that we could get the hire car. D was feeling poorly and had a blinding headache so dark glasses were the order of the day. We headed into budget to pick up a car and came out upgraded to this old banger lol (BMW X3SUV with leather interior) no complaints.  As I have come to expect, the jovial man at the counter established Ds dilemma and started joking about him signing their house away as D couldn’t see the form to read the details. Once we got that sorted L drove us using the sat Nav to the village of Cloyne for lunch… 

We popped into the local and managed to down some delicious hearty food.. I was in my element with my cabbage and bacon with mash, parsnip and carrots. Perfect for a wet grey day. 

Cloyne is a very pretty place with lovely buildings. 

The chap at the pub had a little difficulty understanding me and thought that when I put my hand on my heart and said the food was beautiful I was complaining. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Eventually he got the drift and looked relieved. 

On leaving I asked about the impressive tower at the end of the road. I could tell you about it love but it would all be lies he said.. Apparently not necessarily true lol. As you will see the sign declares nobody is really sure why it was built.  Hilarious. 

After a quick stop at L & Ds air BnB it was my turn to drive to the South County pub in Douglas.. 

Unbelievably the voice activated sat Nav understood my direction but didn’t know the pub so we headed to Douglas and decided to wing it regarding the exact location. 

After returning to the same roundabout at least 5 times we eventually arrived. L & D had been at a wedding yesterday of Ds niece. So I got to meet the family and had a fabulous evening of story telling and laughter. 

Sadly all good laughs draw to an end so it was time to hop in the car and for me to drive back to Cork.. My new friend sat Nav decided to bring us back by the narrow laneways. High stone walls either side and no possible way to pass an oncoming vehicle. Let’s just say my hyper aware spatial senses were called upon to inhale sharply enough to cause the vehicle to inhale and passing moves were accomplished with no damage to our BMW X3!!!

Well my cheeks hurt from laughing and my heart was lifted by the amazing welcome that I felt.  Tomorrow we head to Kenmare to begin the ring of Kerry so stay tuned. 

Peace, light and belly laughter xxx


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