The universe says… beware the Cliffs of Moher

We had a plan today that required a hearty breeakfast as we set off for the Cliffs of Moher some 3 hrs away in County Clare. D gave us place names and we set off stopping to do a little bit of shopping in Kilarney.

L got some bargains and a few fresh pastries and we were back on the road.  The scenery on the way to Tarbert was beatiful and the ferry was loading as we arrived so we drove straight on. It takes about 20 minutes to cross the Shannon River disembarking at Killimer for a quick cuppa before heading on. 

Our journey had been soundtracked by the dulcet tones of L and Sal who were feeling inspired and creating new traditional Shannon shanties ad hoc en route to the ferry. If all goes well a new album entitled “Crossing the great Shannon – a journey with the Wierdons” will be out soon on the pirate label ” You’ve got to be joking” All requests for band dates should be forwarded to D…. Sal and L will be available for record signing after they have finished backing Van the Man on his next tour. LOL

From Killimer we headed to Liscanoor and stopped for lunch at the pub. D, feeling much recuperated after the burnt scampi of the other night, opted for the fish and chips and critqued as follows: 

  • Fish,  soft very white very tasty 9.5
  • Chips just above averrage at a 7
  • Overall was the best so far!

Then it was on to the Cliffs of Moher… no words can describe so i will let the pictures speak for themselves.  The wind was epic and just added to the atmosphere. If its good enough for Harry Potter, Ryans Daughter and The Quiet Man its good enough for us. 

What an absolutely spectacular day. So as we head for home in Kenmare 3 hrs away i bid you all good bye. Or so i thought… as we passed through Kilrush a discussion ensued regarding a few supplies for home. Our sat Nav was set for home, D had his set for the nearest Tesco. 

Soon a battle was underway between the two sat nav women, D and L. Sal and i were in fits of laughter. Finally L announced she was taking control and we arrived at Tesco not a moment to soon.. lol
Heres hoping we get back to Kenmare tonight… Peace and light xxx


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