The universe says… hello Kenmare.

Time to wave goodbye to Cork today so after a lovely breakfast with the gorgeous Liam and Daisy we said our goodbyes and headed out. 

L arrived right on time and i locked the front or of Em’s peaceful house and we programmed the sat nav for Kenmare. The misty rain feel gently as we passed through some stunningly beautiful countryside. L is now enjoying driving and wasn’t even thrown by the road signs for severe bends and we have both learnt to yield. ( known to the less well informed as giving way!)

Kenmare was so pretty and a wander on foot through the side streets delivered up beautul linens, glorious food, stunning trees and so much colour and history.

We decided on a pub called Davitts for a spot of lunch. D is the covert fish and chip guru. Todays analysis was as follows: 

  • Fish: fresh white flaky cod and melted in the mouth, batter was soft and tasty 9.5
  • Chips beatiful fluffy inside 8
  • Mushy peas really tasty but not enough 8
  • Overall comment excellent hard to out do

L had chicken salad and i had Jambalaya rice… fantastic.

We then wandered the rest of the street (so glad i only have a backpacknas there was so much i could have bought lol the scarves were gorgeous local lace… you can never have too many scarves).

Surprisingly i quite like icecream (i can hear a few bursts of laughter from those of you who have accompanied L snd I on late night trip to the local ice creamery) well let me tell you Kenmare cherry ripple with real chunks of cherry and rasberry ripple with real rasberries are out of this world. L and D had banoffy swirl. “Ice cream is the best antiaging cream, eat it and you feel like your 7!*

Next we headed to our accomodation for the next few days a lovely splash of modern three bedrooms two with ensuite one main bathroom upstairs, powder room downstairs.. not too shabby 😊🌼 

After a quick cuppa and a sit down it was time to get back on the road for the afternoon. L behind the wheel we headed to Castletownbere through the mountains. Words could not do it justice neither will the photos… i am in awe and feel like creation stepped out and touched my soul… 

I drove back via the Caha Pass. We made a pitstop to shoot the scenery. L and i climbed a fence to stand on the precipice of mind blowing beauty. Below us on a ridge stood two beautiful horses. We oh’d and ahh’d and felt the now cold wind move through us. As we made our way back to the car L was ambushed by an agressive fence that took her down at lightning soeed. Bleeding she brushed herself off and announced it was worth it… we laughed as we had both traversed the knee deep mud ( well it could have been!) Climbed to the edge, stood shooting footage being blasted by chilled atlantic air only for her to be taken down on the last step back from the edge.

By the time we arrived back at Kenmare we were starving. The food did not make it to the standard of Davitts but we ate. D had the scampy that was revued as follows; 

  • Scampy burnt batter and tough 4
  • Chips overdone hard
  • Salad ok with average tartare

Overall 4.

L had beef and guiness stew that was watery. I had bbq ribs that were ok ( cant reeally kill ribs!)
Oh well time to head to bed. Peace and light xxx


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