The universe says… hello Sal

Up early D cooked us a smashing full cooked breakfast before we got on the road to pick up Sal at Cork airport. One of the difficulties L and  i struggle getting GPS to understand our excellent ( pulling unbelievable face lol) pronounciation of irish town names. So here we are driving down a motorway then moving into heavy traffic in Cork city. Not exactly the airport! So after a few frustrating minutes we finally get the GPS sorted and L who is now over driving in the city, does an awesome job of getting us to the airport. Our flood of relief was obvious to the heavens. D shook his head and we went to pick up Sal.

I  drove us back to Kenmare for a snack then we headed off to Sneem. As our accomodation is just off the Sneem road we didnt bother with GPS. 

Our drive through Parknasilla was interesting especially when round a blind bend a corner, we have now come to know as a sharp left, appeared out of nowhere. So here i was driving 4 of us in a brand new BMW XR3 straight through a giveway, sorry i stand corrected, a yield!! Sign. Obviously we survived, laughed some what nervously and continued into Sneem. 

One of the sweet delights i have now come to expect (gratefully đź’•) is the breathtaking countryside. Todays journey did not dissappoint. Just before we got to Sneem we made a pitstop at Derrynane, a gorgeous seaside camping spot on the bay. I had promised myself that i would walk in the ocean and this beautiful beach provided that moment. L and Sal declined my invitation to join me in the salty brine ( i can here you all agreeing with them.. chickens) so i peeled off my socks and shoes and headed for the water. It was crystal clear and to be honested gave me that internal calm that being on the beach often brings. There is something primal for me about stepping into the ocean. Yes it was cool but exhilarating!! So the Atlantic and i are now intimately aquainted and i am in love..

Back in the car we skirted the Dunkerron Range and sucked in the beauty with every breath. Sneem was beautiful and home to the famous ( or infamous… i have no idea!! Lol ) gaelic footballer John Egan.. fuelled with local ice cream we jumped back in our old banger and continued on. 
Wow, Catherdaniel did not dissapoint with evenmore fabulous views. It was here that we decided to turn and head for home. As driver i was focused on the view ahead and was blessed on the return with a different perspective. 

Back home (it certainly feels like home) in Kenmare we headed to the pub… Tonights choice was  a cracker, O’Donnavhain’s, and worth the wait for a table. D, stung by yesterdays dissapointing seafood, opted for rib. Sal had cannelloni, i had omelette and L became the fish and chip critic as follows:

  • Fish, tasty with crispy batter and a sumptuous portion 8
  • Chips, smaal cut, possibly frozen served in an awkardly argumentative chip basket 7
  • Overall good.

The live traditional irish music was fabulous and so after our fill of food and culture it was time to head home to rest for tomorrows grand adventure.

Tired and blissful… peace and light xxx


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