The universe says… house buying in Cahersiveen via Balihesheen Pass through the Ballaghbeama Gap.

After our epic day in princess bride territory yesterday at the Cliffs of Moher one would think we might have a rest day today but NO… the epic adventure kicked up another level.

D, our trusty blind guide, assured us that he knew an alternative route through the McGillycuddy Reeks to Cahersiveen where he and L had an appointment to view a house. Sal and I were up for the adventure so after breakfast we climbed onboard out trusty beamer and headed out into the great unknown.

We had travelled the Sneem road yesterday and as such we were hungry for a new adventure. Little did we realise what lay ahead!!! Our first indication came when i overshot the turnoff as i did not see it until i was right on it. To be fair it was barely a car wide and as a right turn it was almost a U turn that was steep enough to cause the beamer to kick down a gear. Second indication was that there was a strip of green growing up the center of the road. Winding and twisting through some beautiful farmland we headed up from near Blackwater Bridge between Knocknagullion (418m) and Knockanaskill (360m). 

Luckily we only came face to face with a couple of vehicles one of which was particularly scary. Imagine if you wil blind corner after blind corner on a one lane road with barely room to move… coming the opposite way a learner driver being allowed to travel at Mach 1!!! The look on his terrified face, as i came round tight to my side of the track, was only surpassed by the distance he skidded to come to a stand still a cigarette paper away from the beamer! The look on his Dads face was priceless. I would not be surprised if a bathroom pit stop was required by them both a little further down the track.

Feeling like we had done well we crossed the next major road and headed onto the next part of of the goat track. Still winding round a series of tight bends we came to a section of open flat ground that lead to a section of road that defies description. I suddenly felt like Tensing Norgay as i told my fellow travellers to hang onto their knickers, took a deep breath, and headed up into the Ballaghbeama Gap through the Ballaghesheen Gap and into Cahersiveen.

Relived and exhilarated to have survived and somewhat euphoric that i had driven the pass we parked and went to look for lunch. Cahersiveen is beautiful and filled with some cute little spots.

Today it was my turn to have fish and chips as we found a place that made GF batter as follows!:

  • Fish, sweet, flaky fish in a golden sweet GF batter 9.5
  • Chips, golden, well cooked,crispy 8
  • Overall with GF homemade tartare and salad with a pinch of fresh chopped parsley and a wedge of lemon… awesome 9

After lunch it was down to business with L and D looking at houses, but that is their private story… Then it was off to the french patisserie for a GF treat topped with  candied flowers… heaven 

So it was that we were soon heading to Valentia Island. We headed down to Renard Point and took the car ferry across to the island town of Knightstown. 
Legend has it that Valentia is so special that the Vikings hadnt the heart to plunder it when they landed 1000 years ago. The island is home to an observatory, and the Geokan ( pronounced yo carn) mountains from where you get a good view of the Fogher Cliffs. 

We have come to expect ruins everywhere in Ireland and this island does not dissapoint.

 Now with our heads filled with beauty to the point of overload we haded back to the mainland for a few supplies before heading home to Kenmare.

L had done all the driving round Cahersiveen and the island so it was time for me to get back behind the wheel for the trip home… The coast had one last treat instore as the road clung to the side of the mountains like a goat track. The side of the road dropping some huge distance to the costal plain below. The road had as many blind twists and turns as this morning only difference being it was rwo lanes wide!

Finally after one of the most challenging, exhilarating days of my life we all arrived home. Food and chat gave way to bedtime.

Its almost midnight so before i turn into a pumpkin i say goodbye and good night. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. 

Peace, light and adventure xxx


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