The universe says… goodbye Sal hello Kinsale

After our epic day yesterday we were all up early to take Sal to the airport to fly home. We have all adventured, laughed, solved the worlds problems and eaten delicious food. (I am sure i will be the size of a barn if i keep up this eating routine!!) Once we had said our goodbyes (hopeful of another gang outing down the track) L, D and i headed out to Kinsale. 

The carpark provided a sweet view from the edge of the tidal harbour. 

Like Kenmare, Kinsale is a very touristy town with lots of shops and eateries..

  we have seen a lot of places and things that have L’s surname today was the turn of some other friends. I didnt realise the Boland family had a shop in Kinsale. 

After a wander round the shops we found the Kinsale crystal shop. Besutiful pieces but highly impractical purchases for a backpacker ( thankfully lol)

As always it was time to eat. Unbelievably none of us had fish and chips today so it would seem the fish and chip revue is on sabatical!! 

With L behind the wheel we headed out back towards Kenmare with our next destination being the highest pub in Ireland… our first real traffic hold up was actually quite a change and as it was near an old bridge all was well.

The mist was closing in as we made our way up the mountain to the highest pub in Ireland at 1045 ft above sea level. It was a lovely  and the people and the mountain sheep were very friendly.  

By the time we got back to Kenmare we decided to pick up some supplies and then head home for a well deserved nap!! Tomorrow it will be time for me to head back to Cork to get on a bus for Dublin, the next location… cant wait!

One last stop before bed as we needed to get butter for morning toast. So as we were in town we followed a small sign that i had seen every day that simply read ‘Stone Circle’ what we found was a beautifully looked after stone circle that is the largest in Southern Ireland… 

A beautiful parting gift from Kenmare that left me feeling grounded and ready to move on. Blessed be.

Till then these aching feet need a rest!! Peace and light xxx


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