The universe says… time to head to Dublin

It was an early start this morning to ensure we got to Cork in time for the Gobus to Dublin.  I decided to go for a quick visit to the ladies room before getting on the bus ( too much information i hear you say! Well i beg to differ)  i foolowed a lovely irishman up the stairs who smelt lovely.  As we got to the top it became obvious you had to put money in the turnstile to get to the loo! The lovely man kindly paid for my turnstile and smiled as i fumbled for the right coin. Embarrassed i thanked him and thoight nothing more of it.  Back downstairs i get on the bus and the same lovely man gets on and sits behind me. Both of us heading to Dublin city, we laugh and joke tha t we had better not miss the stop! Several hours later we disembark and amile and go our seperate ways. As i walk down the sidewalk he is on the other side of the road and calls out to me to enjoy mymstay… people are lovely makes me smile.

The bus ride was Very comfortable for just 14 euro. Timing was excellent as i was on the bus when the rain really started. 

As we head out into the countryside the scenery is beautiful in glimpses. 

The bus trip was quite enjoyable.. well what i saw of it as i may have had a cat nap or two lol

Safely delivered to Dublin where the sun was shining most of the time i headed to Paddy Wagon for a map and some directions. With all my gear on my back i decided to head for Trinity College. (Yes i know crazy woman that i am i decided the day was too good to waste on getting my stuff to my accomodation lol so feeling like Tensing Norgay for the second time in a week i headed across the river towards the college. 

To say i was in awe is an understatement! The college is beautiful and felt amazing.


I had bèen there for about 30 mins when i thought a bathroom stop might be  useful. My passion for being a sherpa was waning and so a sit down sounded like a great idea. Oh my goodness right near the bathroom i see a sign that says CLOAKROOM i can hardly believe my eyes… a sweet elderly ( yes older than me!) Lady took my bags and for 4 euro became their guardian as long as i came back by 5pm..  bliss to be free from it all. 

I dashed back to the entry to get on a student guided tour. Dylan, who was in his second year of business and economics was both informative and sarcasticlly funny.  We heard about failed architectural designs, student antics, Dublin history and modern traditions. 

Then it came time for the most important parts of the tour.. The book of Kells and the great libary.
The book of Kells and associated documents were amazing. The artistic nature alone was stunningly beautiful. You are not allowed to use cameras in this room as they may damage the documents. So a copy of the brochure will have to suffice. 

The Great Library is just that and so much more. 
Interestingly the books are shelved by neither alphabetical or numerical order. The are a sized and weighed with the largest heaviest books at the bottom of the shelf and the lighr stuff at the top!, imagine searching for a the fifteen books you need for an assignment like that! Madness 

The tour complete i collected my gear and headed down grafton St fully laden. There was such an eclectic mix of musicians and entertainers.

By now i was hungry so decided to stop for food at Gotham.. lovely GF food and a last sit down before getting a cab out to Lina’s place for the next couple of nights

Lina is originally from Lithuania and is just gorgeous as is her home. Yet another win on airbnb. 
Anyway time for this very tired vegemite to go to bed…

Peace and light xxx 


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