The universe says… Findhorn you will be forever in my heart.

Friday: we arose this morning and after a warm drink headed to sacred singing. Chloe, an interfaith minister, lead us through a series of pieces each in four part harmony. There is something profoundly beautiful about singing in latin immersed in the harmonies. I shall take this as a parting gift from this blessed place,

Today was my last love in action in the kitchen. I am leaving with my love of preparing food for others reignited. I also leave with a plan to be kinder to myself and this starts with eating with gratitude. 

Our last sharing with my tribe was a beautiful emotional blessing that combined the words of our hearts with song and dance. A serendipitous moment found us all in this place at this time. We are now connected in a way that no amount of distance can destroy. 

So this evening was spent celebrating a departure but also our connection to each other and the steps on the path that we have travelled together. May we all be kept safe knowing that we will all see each other again. 

Till tomorrow. 

Peace and light xxx


The universe says… Findhorn continues.

Wednesday: Early morning singing creates in me a passion for the day. This morning was particularly special as while we sat in circle the alto section was directly opposite we sopranos so the harmony was bouncing between us. Then the men sat behind us and we were immersed in the beautiful sound of voices in harmony.

Project in the garden filled our morning. I suddenly became aware of the fact that i was unsure what was a weed and what was a useful plant as this is not my regular enviroment. On asking for clarification i was told this is a judegment call… i pondered this and felt a deeper sense of this in life. Often the difference between a weed and a plant in our personal, emotional, professional and spiritual life is a judgement call. Often this is where i stumble not wanting to make decisions that will change the status quo when in reality the entire universe is throwing change at me. Time to listen, recognise and act is what my heart tells me. 

There is something so comforting and precious about the time we spend sharing our lived experience with each other. It can be an anxious time  but once we engage in the process it becomes a gift. As we share we notice the common elements that give us connection to each other. These conections are a combination of threads as individual as each of us, yet combined they make us all part of the same tapestry. 

Music started the day and the night closed with music. Not the same as the morning but with the spoken words of one of the guys to his own guitar creation. Although i did not speak his language it was profoundly moving. Then one of our own group closed out the evening with his beautiful voice and guitar. 

Blessed beyond measure.

Thursday: soft misty rain was falling from the heavens when i awoke this morning. The stillness gave it a mystical quality as we headed to singing. This is a sacred space where each person comes, not to chat, to breathe, sing, reflect and give thanks for all of lifes wonders. 

Tuna salad was on the list of to do’s in the kitchen this morning along with a variety of dishes. We work side by side in a calm orderly manner sharing, creating, tasting. There is real joy in the process that is amplified as you share in the meal with a myriad of others on this journey of life.

I slept the afternoon away. Resting my soul and body. Then after dinner we had a meeting with yet another humble soul who is passionate about permaculture. Those who live and breathe this process breathe easier. He then shared with us part of the transformation game. This was a powerful experience that opened doors that needed to be opened to move on and for that i am immensely grateful.

So it is that tomorrow is tge last full day here in this amazing place.

Till tomorrow, be kind to each other.

Peace and light xxx

The universe says… Findhorn is a place of personal discovery.

The Findhorn foundation experience week is about so much more than i imagined. It is a part of my lifes journey and as such it is not one thing but many unfolding things. 

As you well know i like to write and yet there is a deeper sense of writing that lies inside me that i have felt fearful of putting on paper. It is not a darkness but rather a personal feeling of truth that i share with very few people. 

On sunday we had a session called inner life sharing with a community elder who was 84 years old. She had a way of being that had each of us expressing our doubts and fears and then she guided each of us individually and the group as a whole was given suggestions of how to proceed. One of the things she advised me was to write from the heart without fear. So each day i have made a committment to that…

Sunday:  it is as if i am reflecting on my own life for the very first time. Acknowledging fears located so deeply in my soul that i had convinced myself they did not exist. Such is the nature of inner life sharing.

Sometimes we are gifted a window into someone else’s experience. Their sharing touches a part of us in such a way that it becomes a key. A key that begins the process of unlocking our own experiences. In that moment in the safe space of community each of us is able to speak out loud things we have never felt or been brave enough to say before. 

So shines the light of life seen through the eyes of wisdom. Wisdom, hard won. Wisdom that had its birthplace in the fractures created by lived experiences. 

A guiding light sent forth from a place of loving respect and knowing. A light that illuminates our journey forward. A light of human kindness, gratefully accepted. 

Monday: Food the sustenance of life. Our bodies require it to function well and yet it has become a chore and not a priority for me. Creating a meal for many is a joy yet I have been unable to transfer this emotion to a single meal for me alone. 

Today i realized i need to take time to find joy in the food that i create for my own consumption. To start with intent, to tune in to my own needs as i prepare the food. Now in this moment that is the lesson for me. To capture in my heart the joy that i feel in this large kitchen and to reignite it in the preparation for one.  Starting from a place of gratitude. 

Rain is falling for the first time since i arrived and i am grateful for the sound. This is a place of calm and peace. 

On waking this morning i went to Taize singing. Four part harmonies make my heart burst and it was a wonderful sacred experience, one that will be part of each day i am here.On waking this morning i went to Taize singing. Four part harmonies make my heart burst and it was a wonderful sacred experience, one that will be part of each day i am here.

 I feel many things and am asking myself many questions. The answers may not be what i want but i feel they are what i need so i feel blessings unfolding around me I feel many things and am asking myself many questions. The answers may not be what i want but i feel they are what i need so i feel blessings unfolding around me.

Permaculture is fascinating and we had a fabulous workshop this evening. Not only was it filled with information, but for this very tired person it was captivating and i coyld have listened for hours. The key thing that has stuck with me are the guiding principles. Interestingly, these same principles can be applied in our daily lives, business and all facets of life. 

Before i sleep i am feeling an incredible amount of gratitude to my fellow travellers on this journey of experience week. Who knew we would be so connected and feel the level of trust we have built. I will remember this week with love in my heart. 

Tuesday:  creating meals in a comunal kitchen is wonderful. As we take the time to express our gratitude for the ingredients and then create the meals in a collaborative way joy abounds.  There is an ease and no stress in the kitchen lol so unlike other large kitchens i have been in. Working together we achieve great things as we care for each other. 

This afternoon was spent immersed in nature by the river Findhorn. 

Words can not explain the beauty of this wonderous place. We were again blessed with wonderful weather. Although we went as a group we all got to spend alone time as we explored not only the forest and river but also our own personal connections to nature. For me this is where i find my personal bliss. Enveloped in the green lushness that tenderly nurtures your own softened inner space in its soft mossy  cloak. Sounding like tinkling timbrels, the water of the river washes away your tension. Here in the forest i am at peace with the universe.   

Of course there was a moment where i had to put my feet in the water as usual lol. 

Tomorrow is another day and this amazing journey will continue. Till then… 
Peace and light xxx

The universe says… well i am on the way to Findhorn.. well maybe lol

Funny things happen on grand adventures and so it is that the ticket i had purchased two days ago to go to Findhorn turned out to be hilarious. I had gone to the bus station and asked for a ticket to get me as close as possible to Findhorn foundation at Forres. The girl told me an amount, that it would leave from stand three this morning, printed me my ticket and i was sorted. Or so i thought lol. Turns out that the ticket i had been sold was to a place in the middle of nowhere on the way to the Isle of Skye!! How did i figure that out?? Well when i googled walking directions from my drop off to Findhorn it said 17 1/2 hours!!

So first thing this morning i headed to the bus station where a completely different person refunded my ticket. Apparently all i needed to do was hop on the number 10 or 11 and buy a ticket off the driver..  hilarious!! I laughed a lot as i hopped on the number 11 bus, never a dull moment.

My journey to Findhorn, or at least the town of Forres was uneventful. I stepped off the bus as did another woman going to the same place but for a different course. As we introduced ourselves we walked. There was an ease of conversation. Not too many steps along the road we were joined by anither woman and so two became three as we walked up the hill and into the forest that for the next 7 days will be our space. Three women on three different courses all feeling at ease. 

As it turns out experience week usually has around twenty participants. Not this week, only 7. There is a comfort in small numbers but also a sense of no place to hide. It takes a kind of courage that i wasnt sure i had yet i surprised myself. We shared our reasons for coming or more to the point our life journeys that bought us here. Every session is opened with intent and openness and light, all of us breathing deeply and allowing each of us to be ourselves. When the seession us done it is closed with gratitude for all we have exprienced. This feels familiar and resonates.

Belief systems abound here yet none is superior we acknowledge both structured and fluid beliefs and respect each others core spiritual dynamics. This is a place of acceptance and growth. 

Then there is the food!! Nutritious, vegetarian, gluten free, delicious. Each meal is created by loving hands and we each will have an opportunity to serve in the kitchen. 

The week is looking very busy and so there is much to do and experience and feel and be grateful for. 

This day however is drawing to a close and so i say goodnight, sleep well, may you be blessed with what you stand in need of.

Peace and light xxx

The universe says… thanks for all the salmon.

A hearty breakfast marked the start of a new day. My company this morning was a lovely lady from London, who is here in town to watch a friend compete in the fishing event ( more on that later) and an Aunt and niece holidaying from Paris. Conversation flowed and then we all set off on our adventures. 

Heading into town on foot there was a nip in the air to mark the first day of autumn. I can only imagine how it will be when the leaves change colour as the season takes on its full mantle. Another thing to add to my list, Scotland in autumn and winter lol.

As i wander past the cathedral i can see people standing in the river so i head towards my very first river fishing competition. Dad took us beach fishing pretty much from when we arrived in Australia so i understood the need for a good casting technique. In recent times I had been with Jamtart on Lights beach and lets just say my technique was more than rusty!! Lol 

I watched in awe ( who knew fishing could be so mesmerising!) As each competitor stepped up, or should i say into the Ness, to display casting that was fluid and elegant. Longest cast was what they were vying for this morning and believe me it was a serious business. 
On my last visit i had wanted to wander in the forest on the islands on the river Ness so off i went knowing the fishermen and women would still be there on my way back.

There are a series of islands linked by foot bridges where the closeness of the city dissappears and you are immersed in the trees to the soundtrack of the river. 

Such a beautiful spot with very few other walkers today. A large grey heron sat opposite me on a branch on the neighbouring island. 

Feeling blessed to be in such a beautiful place i sit and breathe in the cool crisp air.


As i crossed back to the riverbank i spotted some emergency service recruits learning river rescue techniques.. chilly work in this water!

 When i left the house this morning Bill had recommended i take a look at the Inverness Botanic Gardens. One of the amazing things on this trip has been the beautiful greenhouses, and Incerness did not dissapoint. A mixture of greenhouses and open beds with a magical array of floers, vegetables, fruit and exotics was definitely worth the walk. 

Heading back into town and the fishermen are very serious. Standing in thigh deep, fast moving, cold water some where casting 47 metres. Considering there is no substantial wieght or device on the end of tge line this is vety impressive. The welsh champion seems to be having a really good day of it. Just sad i will not be here tomorrow for the very serious stuff. 
Well its time to pick up last minute supplies before i pack for tomorrow. 

Stay safe and be kind to each other. Feeling grateful for the beautiful sunshine and all my experiences. 

Peace and light xxx

The universe says… lets get back on the road again. 

I awoke this morning to a beautiful light and a rainbow to signal my departure from Orkney. There wasn’t a lot of wind and i had slept really deeply.  

I got up and packed my backpack making a decision to shed some books today. I had already gifted on a couple that i had finished while i was away. One left in Austria and one left in Inverness on my first visit. Now all i had to do was post home some of my maps and brochures… 

Anyway, i could here noise coming from the kitchen so i headed down for my last breakfast. I have felt thoroughly spoilt with the wonderful breakfasts here and Wilma’s raspberry jam is memorable for all the right reasons. After a chat it was time to head to the bus station so i thanked Alan for my stay and i gratefully accepted a lift from Wilma. Lovely people 🌼🌼

The bus trip back to the port was uneventful although the weather looked a little more threatening than yesterday. 

Crossing the Churchhill barriers that i had crossed on the way in signalled my goodbye. 

So it was that i decided to sit inside for the first part of the trip. In the end though i could not resist being out in the breeze as we arrived at John O Groats.

Then it was back on the coach for the return to Inverness. To be honest i slept part of the journey lol must have been the vibration of the ride lulled me off to sleep.

 Before i knew it we were back in Inverness.

 I deposited my bag at the station, organised my bus ticket out to Findhorn Foundation and headed out for a wander…
Nourish cafe in Inverness is a superb little place that i discovered when i was here last week. It has a fabulous vegitarian/ vegan/ gluten free menu so i was in heaven!! Today i had GF roast vegband hommus tortilla with a piece of vegan almond pistacio and rasberry cake..  lovely. 

Bit more of a wander and it is time to go and check in to my next airbnb…  Bill and Chloe are delightful and have been at this for 30 years this year. 

Tired and a little foot sore i am calling it a night. Tomorrow is another day. I am grateful for this ongoing experience. 

Peace and light xxx 

The universe says…take it slow today.

After my epic day yesterday it was time to take it slower today. Breakfast at 8am was delicious and the chat with my host floed with ease. Breakfast always seems to be better when it is cooked by someone else! Lol 

Alan not only whips up scrumptious breakfast but has also written a couple of cookbooks that really showcase the amazing produce is available here is Orkney.

After breakfast i headed into town for a good wander around. Kirkwall is a lovely place with its own historic charm. The buildings and the people are charming and it is easy to relax here. I have been blessed with fabulous weather so wandering can while away the hours.

Alan had drawn me a mud map to the cafe where his son works. I was not disappointed as i was soon tucking into GF lunch with peppermint tea. Yum.

After lunch i wandered back for a rest and to unload my bag. Surprise call to Jamtart set my afternoon off. I love that we get to chat and catch up while i am away.
Soon it was time to don my backpack and head out towards the Scapa flow. As you know i have been putting my feet in the water along my travels. Today was no different. The walk took me out of town through the farming area and all the way to the sea. 

It was a fabulous walk, the beach was entertaining a couple of dog walkers, rugged up in their coats and hats, and a mad woman in shorts and TShirt ( thats me by the way lol ) who found a spot to sit and take off her shoes and socks ( this is funny in itself as my feet are white and my legs tanned.,lol )

The water was cold but not unbearable, actually much warmer than i expected. After a wander in the water i took the time to put my socks, that felt like they were heated lol, and my shoes back on and head back to town.

The fields of crops are lovely and that Sting song that talks about fields of gold kept popping in to my head. 

The walk back was really enjoyable. I definitely need to come back here. It is beautiful, wild and wonderful. Tomorrow it will be time to head back to Inverness for a couple of days before heading out to Findhorn. 
Time to rest up.

Peace and light xxx