Being followed by a black dog while trying to make today count.

make today count

For a girl who was never a fan of dogs, till I got Riley, I seem to attract them to me.

The black one that was curled up on the mat met me as I exited the back door as if it had always been there. No matter what I did or said or thought it just wouldn’t leave. It followed me as if it owned me draining my energy and my resistance to seeing it.

Meanwhile Riley sat watching me. Day by day he just looked at me with his big eyes ever confident that I would turn my attention back to him. Yet for some inexplicable reason the black dog had me so distracted and detached.

On automatic I do the things that need doing and labour long and hard with the things that need more energy than I feel I have left to give. Still I keep putting one foot in front of the other facing the challenges even if it is somewhat daunting.

Today I awoke and made the decision that it was time to make today count. So I am doing everything with intent today. Getting up Riley looked at me with such expectation that I got dressed and we headed to the beach.


We walked for the first time in a while and as I walked I tried to suck in all the energy that the pounding waves were spraying in my direction.

By the time I got home I felt the subtle shift in me. So I will continue to have move forward with intent. The black dog has moved off still just sitting in the periphery of my view but moving just the same.

So make today count people.  Love light and intent. Ali xx

Fog nestled in like a sleeping child.

Strange weather approaches from the north. As we await the fallout from tropical cyclone Olwyn the weather ahead of the storm was strangely calm this morning.

I awoke to a still warm morning with clear skies. As I headed out to the beach at 5;15am I was amazed to find that as I headed down into town the whole area was enveloped in an autumnal pea soup fog.

Like some old school scary movie visibility was very low so I moved with caution towards the coast. At the last line of dunes before the beach it cleared and the ocean came into view. Obviously the fog lay between Mt Shadforth and the sea nestled in between the two like a sleeping child.

I love these kinds of mornings for one special reason…

When you head down the beach there is a point of cliff way ahead of you where this fog rolls over the top and down out to sea. Just like the memories of dreams it dissipates slowly but surely. Watching it roll out is a gift of the early morning bestowed upon those of us that get up and get going this early.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Life is filled with wonderful, surprising, breathtaking moments just like these and for that I am ever grateful.

May your weekend roll gently into a beautiful blessing.. Peace and light Ali xxx

Was that a hobbit I saw disappearing in the undergrowth.

I had an idea this week to go exploring and so it was that I headed out to a spot called Mt Franklin. When I parked my car I was the only person their so I followed the signs to the trail.

There is something really cathartic about being out in the old growth forest among the trees and the silence. Well not exactly silence, as the bird and creature sounds were awesome. The lower section of the climb has a sealed path that winds up and although it is steep it is quite beautiful. I was a little disappointed that the path was sealed but then I realised that it gives access to this spot that some people would never get to experience.

As I rounded the corner in the path I could see a resting station with benches and a sign…. The ascent to the summit is not for the foolhardy it said. There are over 300 steps to the top and if you suffer from illness, high blood pressure, heart condition this is not the climb for you.

Well there are 304 steps to the summit… I counted them all!!!


But believe me when I say it was worth every pounding heartbeat. The view from the top was spectacular.


The photos don’t really do it justice but it was a wonderful experience.

I sat atop the granite and breathed the air deeply. The cloud swirled around me as it flowed past. My apple, pistachio nuts and water tasted like a feast. There was do sign of civilisation in any direction. I felt grateful for the experience and to be up there by myself in the peace and calm of it all.

The steps were hard work on the way up but as daunting on the way down due to the steep ladder like sections.

When I got back to the resting station I realised that there was a sign for the Caldyanup Trail that circles the base of the summit. Not one to miss and opportunity I decided that was the way to go next.


The path led me around the sheer granite on the one side and the old growth forest beneath my feet.


The smell of the forest floor was amazing and the things growing there were beautiful in their right.


Fallen trees created windows into the other world.


Any moment I expected a small hobbit to appear on the trail if only to disappear into the undergrowth before my very eyes.


At several points the track passed between two towering Karri Trees leaving me feeling small and quite insignificant.

I had set myself the challenge of climbing to the top and yet the day turned into so much more than that. I found myself singing as I wandered down the trail feeling a world away from the day to day things that we let direct our way of being.

Take time to be in nature as it will slow your heartbeat and make you breathe deeply the rare sweet air of another time.

Feeling blessed.

Peace and light Ali xxx

Isn’t Nature Amazing…

A recent visit to my sisters included a fascinating discovery. I am forever intrigued by the way nature mimics itself in an effort to camouflage the delicate creatures from predators.

One momentary step out of my sisters back door led to the discovery of this gorgeous moth that only attracted my attention as I was wondering what the dead leaf was attached to!

Closer inspection reveals this amazing little fellow.


Those of you who know me well will know that I am quite a fan of insects and what intrigued me the most about this ‘dead leaf’ was the detail at the tips of the wings that truly looks like a dead leaf.


We, as in the human race, often claim our superiority at the top of the food chain and yet the complexity of these little creatures is amazing.

A discovery that gave me a true sense of joy and wonder. Feeling blessed.

Peace and light Ali xxx

Dawning of a day starts slowly… thoughts from my head.


Dawning of a day starts slowly

A sliver of almost light along the distant horizon

In the half light rocks and waves move

Shape changing in those moments

Not light, not dark, dawning.

Softly the light increases

Spectral colours illuminate the beginning of a day

Gazing east to west slowly

Orange moves all the way to blue

Uninterrupted by rules of colour

Light just is colour.

Stark squinting light arrives

Breaching the horizon the sun burns

Unbearable light to the eye

Yet turn to face the point of ending

Rays warm my back gently.

What started gently, slowly, softly

Now strong, sharp, blinding

Intensity takes us by surprise

The day has begun.

Peace and light. Ali xx

I had chocolate mousse for breakfast and it was AWESOME!!

Have you ever had a moment when you open the fridge looking for breakfast and you think to yourself ohhhhh I know what I want!!!  Then the sensible you kicks in and you push away that yearning and do the sensible grown up thing… Or so you think..

This morning a couple of major things happened.

Firstly I realised that it is time to move my alarm forward 15 minutes to 4:45am as the beach was quite dark when I arrived.

821 822 823

I still walked in the beautiful cool air and loved every minute of it but decided that for safety I best adjust my timing. The climbing over the rocks in the dark is a little bit risky and although I like a challenge my inner self is saying time to ease up on that one.

The second thing relates to the fridge and to the changes I have made to my life….

Chocolate mousse has always been on my list of things I love however up till recently it was the kind that was full of who knows what, sugar overload hello Cadburys!!

Now I make it clean… Two avocados, four spoons of raw cacao, splash of coconut oil, honey to taste and my personal special ingredient a cap full of pure peppermint oil… Not a naughty ingredient in site…

So this morning I opened the fridge, surveyed the abundance of good things in there, decided I would have chocolate mousse for breakfast… no guilt just nutrient rich deliciousness… And IT WAS AWESOME!!!


Hoping you are all having a fabulous day…

Chocolaty Love and light Ali xxx