And the universe says….10 July 2017

Its a cold grey day here in Darlington but as i look out from my kitchen window i see abundant life. Tiny little finches with splashes of red are dancing amid the sunshine yellow blossums of the wattle. Speedy little souls who defy my attempts to capture them on film! The breeze has that edge to it that finds a way to penetrated the layers haphazardly thrown on for warmth. The embers of lasts njghts fire almost imperceptably lingering amid the ashes.
In 23 days time i will depart this house one last time and head out into the wide blue yonder with undefined expectations. I am both nervous and excited at all the possibilities that lie before me. I feel both humbled and immensely grateful for all my life experiences thus far and am moving forward with an open heart to wherever the road takes me.
To those of you who have walked a while with me on my life journey thus far i say thank you. All of you have blessed my life in a myriad of ways that neither you or i could have envisaged when we met. It has been a glorious journey filled with blinding light, unfathomable darkness and tints of every hue in between. Every shade and colour adding to the palate of my life experience.
Based on this lived experience i stride forward knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are emotions still waiting to be experienced, colours still waiting to be seen for the first time, breezes still reaching out like tendrils waiting to touch my skin. Strange new places to visit, curious people to meet, connections to be made, life to live.
So as i prepare to dive in to this new adventure i remind myself to breathe deeply, step forward and listen to what the universe says…

Peace and light.


Feeling the healing powers of walking in the ocean..

Some days getting out of bed is difficult. My mind is so full of thoughts about so many things. Mostly about how I find myself in this space at this time of my life.

I look back and see my life so far has been a huge adventure filled with wonder, fear, love, loss and change. All of these elements have contributed to making me who I am today. I feel peaceful about that. Peaceful in the knowledge that I am doing the best I can and that I have hope for the future what ever it may hold.

So when I don’t want to get up I think about moments on the beach when my feet are in the ocean and my dreams and aspirations begin to flow. When the movement of the water across my skin draws the pain and anguish from deep inside me slowing my breathing and allowing me to be still. When the stillness allows my heart to open.

The taste of salty air on my lips makes my tongue involuntarily run across them causing me to smile. As does the sight of my furry companion Sasha chasing seagulls and throwing random bits of seaweed in the air. Sasha loves the beach and makes each of our visits there an adventure.

My spirit is recharged as my toes feel the sand beneath them and we walk. Early mornings have a way of slowly warming you and at the same time healing you as the light of the break of day dances on the water. The warmth of the rising sun soaks deep into the parts of you that need to be set free as if it is a magic key to the lock on the sacred space deep inside.

For these gifts, and so much more, I feel blessed. Blessed to be here in this space, blessed to be feeling all that I am in this moment, blessed to have found my way to the magic, blessed for the fellow travellers on life’s road that smile my way.


Lights beach Jan 8B

I had chocolate mousse for breakfast and it was AWESOME!!

Have you ever had a moment when you open the fridge looking for breakfast and you think to yourself ohhhhh I know what I want!!!  Then the sensible you kicks in and you push away that yearning and do the sensible grown up thing… Or so you think..

This morning a couple of major things happened.

Firstly I realised that it is time to move my alarm forward 15 minutes to 4:45am as the beach was quite dark when I arrived.

821 822 823

I still walked in the beautiful cool air and loved every minute of it but decided that for safety I best adjust my timing. The climbing over the rocks in the dark is a little bit risky and although I like a challenge my inner self is saying time to ease up on that one.

The second thing relates to the fridge and to the changes I have made to my life….

Chocolate mousse has always been on my list of things I love however up till recently it was the kind that was full of who knows what, sugar overload hello Cadburys!!

Now I make it clean… Two avocados, four spoons of raw cacao, splash of coconut oil, honey to taste and my personal special ingredient a cap full of pure peppermint oil… Not a naughty ingredient in site…

So this morning I opened the fridge, surveyed the abundance of good things in there, decided I would have chocolate mousse for breakfast… no guilt just nutrient rich deliciousness… And IT WAS AWESOME!!!


Hoping you are all having a fabulous day…

Chocolaty Love and light Ali xxx

Walking after a storm… humidity rising… finding the still calm space. 76


It was one of those spectacular mornings this morning that only happen after some kind of strange weather.  The topical low that was supposed to be a cyclone, way up north, turned into a rain bearing depression and has travelled down the coast with its tendrils reaching all the way to here.

Yesterday got hot and very, very humid… The sky became very dark and then it broke and we got 3mm of very welcome rain.

Thunder and lightning sent poor Riley looking for cover so this morning it was nice for him to be playing on the beach. The Giant, who debated coming to the beach was equally pleased when his feet hit the sand and the cool water came rushing to meet him.


The salty haze hung heavily over the third rock ledge giving an eerie edge to the view.


We couldn’t hear any thunder yet out to sea the lightning was flashing to the water with considerable regularity.


Finally the sun peaked over the escarpment and reflected on the pools on the rock ledge. As beautiful as it was there was an almost instantaneous rise in temperature that made me glad we were already on our way back to the car park.


The rock bridge from one rock ledge to the other looked wonderful in the strange light.


I stood in a rock pool and cooled my feet before making the last bit of the trek back to the car. There is something cathartic in the way your whole body responds to having your feet in the sea. It is almost as if the ocean sucks out of you all the cares and woes and calms your very being.


It is such a privilege to live in a place where this is possible 365 days of the year. My heart slows as does my breathing and when I close my eyes my mind is calm and clear. A day started like this gives me resilience to face all that can come my way. For tha,t and so much more, I am grateful.

May you feel the calm and breathe the deep resonating breath of peace.

Love, light and harmony.  Ali xxx

Reflections on light and life… 75


On clear days like today there is so much reflecting in the water.


It got me to thinking about my life and the journey thus far.


About lessons learnt, the battles with others and with myself.


All of which I would not change. As all of the good the bad and the ugly have led me to this place on this day and the world is still beautiful.

Feeling immense gratitude for the journey and for the lessons and gifts along the way.

Peace and light Ali xxx

Wild seas and a new 90 day challenge! 71/72


The last two days have been wild in the morning.. The ocean has been like a washing machine with lots of bubbles and froth. I am of the mind that the Giants worst work gear would have come clean out there in the wash!! or maybe ripped to shreds on the rocks.

721 722 723

No walking on the rock shelf for this girl today as I was fearful of being swept into the tumultuous sea.. So over the rocks I climbed with Riley in tow that is until he realised that the Giant was out on the shelf…

Down the rock face he clambered and out onto the shelf. The Giant was watching an octopus that had moved across the shelf towards him. A big wave obscured it from view and the Giant was left waiting for it to, his words, “Grab me by the leg and drag me out to sea” . Now that I would have filmed… hehe!!

My ritual of walking the beach and then planning and learning are now embedded in my life. Sure there is the occasional day where it doesn’t go to plan but that is life.

My next challenge is a 90 Day project.

It is going to take a couple of days to get the required things ready to start then we will be off on a new journey. Incorporating the Holy hour in the morning, that I have now learnt to love, there will be some new challenging additions to this practise. Watch this space as things might just get interesting.

Love and light Ali xxx

The benefits of change… 71


No walk on the beach for this girl today as I felt unwell last night and slept badly.

I am pleased to report that I am back on deck today and although I don’t feel 100% I am good to go as they say. Two years ago I would have been out of action for a few days but not anymore.

It got me thinking about the impact of change in our lives or, more significantly in this moment, change in my life.

I have battled a few medical conditions over the last few years to the point where they impacted on my ability to work and function. I am not anti medical intervention, however when that intervention depletes you of the ability to function there is something not right there. I was travelling with my job and carried a large bag of all kinds of pills and potions, none of which seemed to be of much benefit. The pain and antispasmodic drugs eased the pain and the spasms however I couldn’t see, lost my sense of balance, couldn’t drive and was like a zombie for a couple of days if I had to take them.

For the first time in my life I started having days where I would wake up and wish I hadn’t…  YES I felt really low and exhausted and just wanted the world to stop so I could get off.

A few days before I was due to have a medical procedure, that may or may not have eased my situation, I was knee deep in research about the problem. I found no positive blog entries or write ups about this risky procedure and decided it wasn’t for me. I rang, cancelled the appointment and went back to researching.

Prior to this I had started going to yoga as a way of getting my head and body into a better place with it all. I was blessed with a wonderful teacher in Harishakti, she was calm and encouraging and I started to relearn how to relax and slowdown the self talk. The other amazing thing was that as I learnt to do the simple things I would practise them at home and my body eased a little. Going to class gave me new and wonderful perspective. The other wonderful experience was going to Kirtan, if you want to experience joy that is something to try.

The next step I took was to give up working… This was a big thing for me as the Giant would say that I was a woman who lived to work when I should have been working to live…. He turned out to be right on the mark with that one. It took me a while to get past needing to be out and about… Although being unwell helped here almost as if the universe has its own way of making you stop and reassess.

So I weaned myself off of the medication I had been taking for a long time to no avail and headed for a visit with a naturopath. Karen was another gem. She guided me into a change of diet that made a massive impact on my pain levels and my sense of well being. By changing my diet to be alkaline and getting rid of all the rubbish that I had come to depend on as comfort food my whole life changed. Who would have thought that something so logical and simple (why do we not see these things for ourselves?!) could offer up such benefits.

Then I started to swim… Oh no I can hear some of you who know me laughing, but yes the woman who owned bathers that saw the water maybe once in 5 years started swimming on a regular then daily basis.

Then came the big change and almost a year ago today the Giant and I moved from the city to the country. Instead of swimming I now walk the beach almost everyday and those of you who have been reading my blog will already have looked into that window on my life.

The latest addition to this self care program was to go for deep tissue massage once a month. The healing hands of Donna have helped me to release old agonies and move toward a lighter brighter future.

So in two years I have gone from being a person who was in pain (that got to a ten at least once a day), who was stressed and generally unwell to a person with no pain, at all, who is healthier, more relaxed and living life to the full. Yes I am back working long hours but now I make a point of taking a couple of hours a day just for me. So if you visit be prepared as I am up at 4;30am at the beach by 5 then back doing guitar practise by 7am breakfast and at my desk working by 8am.

I have learnt to be kind to and like myself along the way and for that I am very grateful. Anything is possible if you but step out of your comfort zone and try.

Love and light.. Ali xxx