November 1 is here…. and the sea is calling my name.

November 1 2015 how did we find ourselves here..

The year has slipped by, time does that when you are not paying attention. It has been a time of events that make me reflect on my mortality. My Dad, who has been my trail blazer, has stumbled this year. Several strokes, heart attack and now more strokes. He is still with us but time now seems to have taken on a new meaning. Fleeting at best. He is his funny storytelling self yet other parts of him seem to be slowing to an almost halt. Time to record some of those epic tales as it will be like capturing a piece of him for ever.


He taught us all to love the sea. Lights beach was calling my name this morning and for the first time in a while I felt the need to go and walk. To feel the sand beneath my feet and breathe in the salty air that grounds us and stills my racing mind.

Nov 1

Sea water has a way of sucking out the stress and filling you with a clarity of thought. 5:30am delivers a quiet where few venture onto the beach. Those who do are rewarded with intangible gifts to the soul.

May we all reflect on what is important and what brings us back to being true to ourselves.

Peace and Light.. Ali xxx


My Dad turns 80 today… Thats quite a journey….. 70

Walking on the beach this morning it was grey and overcast with the possibility of some rain. As I watched the sea I felt a great love for the restorative power that it holds for me. It is as if I feel re-energised just by being there on the beach.


As I stood on the beach looking out to sea I was also thinking of my Dad who celebrates his 80th birthday today. This is the man who taught us all to love the sea.

Our whole lives he would entertain us with tales of the sea and his many other adventures. When I saw him the other day it was his going to sea at 17 that we talked about. Feels like only yesterday he said.

Yet I think his greatest adventure has been the one he has shared with Mum.


From the moment their life together started it was an adventure. The antics of being a chauffeur gardener, doing a little bit of poaching on the side, or working on aeroplanes at Stansted airport all became part of his stories.

I loved Dads stories and still do and probably owe him my interest in a really good story bless him. I think he has a few good stories left in him that are yet to be created.


Did you see that?  he would say as he started a tale of a mouse or the ducks….

In 1970 they both took a big deep breath and stepped out together with four of us under 10 years old and moved us all half way round the world to Western Australia. What  an adventure that has been for all of us. Starting in half a Nissan hut on a migrant hostel.  A move from which none of us have looked back and one for which I believe we are all very grateful.

Since then there have been good times and bad, births, marriages, funerals and celebrations. Through it all Dad has smiled and given us all something to think about. He has hugged us through the tears, driven us mad with his funny little ways but we love him just as he is.

Now great grand children are hearing those same stories about the mice and the ducks and both Dad and the children are smiling. What a wonderful thing to have had 4 children, 11 grand children and 8 great grand children so far!! and to still be here to enjoy them all. That is a blessing in itself.


So Dad my walk today I spent thinking about you and the love, admiration and gratitude I have for you in my life. For what you have taught me, for your love, guidance and support, encouragement and comfort in the dark times. I will love you forever.

Love light and immense gratitude.. Ali xxx