The universe says… get up and get moving!

Well that is what it was saying this morning when i woke up to find Jamtart already dressed and ready to go. We had agreed last night on a plan for today an so it was that i put on an old pair of her joggers, drank my apple cider vinegar in hot water ( inner hippy switched on), and we set off. Chase and Boston were both ecstatic about heading toward the park both behaving like the excited fur balls that they are.

There was a hint of misty rain in the air as we strode out in the direction of the first light indicating that sunrise was not far away. We had crossed the first park when my sore foot ( planter fasciitis to be accurate) kicked in and slowed my pace. Wearing somebody else’s tight shoes is not what i would recommend however for the sake of decorum i thought it best to try! Jamtart offered to swap shoes i gratefully tried however the ones on her feet were less comfortable than the ones i had on. Time to make an executive decision…

At this point my inner wandering gypsy took hold of the situation and I removed my shoes and socks and grounded myself… well almost.  Its not quite the same walking barefoot on bitumen and concrete as it is walking on the beach (my favourite place for walking barefoot) or even walking in the soft spongy forest floor.  It was however a relief from the shoes and i felt my chakras align and the universe and my feet breathed a sigh of relief.  Jamtart and i laughed as i avoided broken beer bottles and debri on the footpath and headed for home even if it was at a slightly more tentative pace.


The light misty rain fell but not enough to penetrate my layers of clothing or my spirit. Enroute we had planned our individual days and worked up an appetite. Time for a hot shower and some breakfast and headed off in separate directions to start the day.

For years i claimed Jamtart and i  were nothing alike and yet as we have matured ( yes i can hear you all choking on your cuppa, please apologise to the person opposite who you just sprayed in you raucous outburst!) We have found that the star and planets in our sisterly orbits have aligned and we have way more in common than we imagined.

So it was that our individual plans for this beautiful day began… and here is where it gets hilarious… so we both head in different directions ending up at a shopping center. One realising the apple cider vinegar was ready to exit the building ( so to speak) heads for a random bathroom facility only to find the other coming out of said same facility… no we are nothing alike.
To top it off we return this afternoon to discover that we had both purchased a nice drink while we were out… you guessed it… snap! We bought the same thing. Turmeric latte with almond milk!!! Bet you didnt see that coming!


So we may have set out to achieve different things today but it seem the universe had our bladders, tastebuds and feet moving to a syncopated rhythm.  Peace and light… xx


Feeling the healing powers of walking in the ocean..

Some days getting out of bed is difficult. My mind is so full of thoughts about so many things. Mostly about how I find myself in this space at this time of my life.

I look back and see my life so far has been a huge adventure filled with wonder, fear, love, loss and change. All of these elements have contributed to making me who I am today. I feel peaceful about that. Peaceful in the knowledge that I am doing the best I can and that I have hope for the future what ever it may hold.

So when I don’t want to get up I think about moments on the beach when my feet are in the ocean and my dreams and aspirations begin to flow. When the movement of the water across my skin draws the pain and anguish from deep inside me slowing my breathing and allowing me to be still. When the stillness allows my heart to open.

The taste of salty air on my lips makes my tongue involuntarily run across them causing me to smile. As does the sight of my furry companion Sasha chasing seagulls and throwing random bits of seaweed in the air. Sasha loves the beach and makes each of our visits there an adventure.

My spirit is recharged as my toes feel the sand beneath them and we walk. Early mornings have a way of slowly warming you and at the same time healing you as the light of the break of day dances on the water. The warmth of the rising sun soaks deep into the parts of you that need to be set free as if it is a magic key to the lock on the sacred space deep inside.

For these gifts, and so much more, I feel blessed. Blessed to be here in this space, blessed to be feeling all that I am in this moment, blessed to have found my way to the magic, blessed for the fellow travellers on life’s road that smile my way.


Lights beach Jan 8B

My heart is broken but my precious Riley is at rest.

DSC_0080 - Copy (800x531) DSC_0091 (531x800)

There have been lots of tears over the last couple of days and I am sure I will shed more before the night is out.

At just after 3pm today my beloved buddy, companion, partner in crime, Riley crossed the rainbow bridge to the other side.

My heart is broken..

Three days ago he was a little unwell so we headed off to the vet..  I thought that he had a bit of bone stuck in his throat. Being a typical golden retriever he vacuumed food rather than chewing it so I just assumed that something had got caught.

Claudia took some bloods and nothing untoward showed up but the rise in temperature and weight loss could not be explained either. So after a couple of shots to bring his temp down we came home and waited to see if it cleared.

Yesterday morning I took Riley back and the temperature was still bubbling so we decided to do some scans to see if he had eaten something at the beach…. Looking for dead fish or some other equally smelly treat that a retriever would love…

It was after lunch when the receptionist called and said I needed to come at 4;30 for a sit down chat with Claudia… Not a good sign.

4:30pm came with and earth shattering discovery. Riley had a huge mass in his stomach, no sign of his liver and about 1/3 lung capacity. Claudia said to me ‘I need to explain how cancer works”  “no you don’t” I replied. What I was looking at on screen was a doggy version of what I had seen before that time it was equally earth shattering!!

We came home with some meds and decisions to make… Sleep was elusive and my heart was aching so deeply I felt hollow inside.

In the end decisions make themselves if you give them time…. One night of watching my best furry friend struggle to get comfortable and struggle to breath was enough.

So today was all about Riley… Levi gave him some love this morning. Fin came and gave my precious puppy some Reiki  then Tan came and shot a series of beautiful photos. Then it was just Riley and me.. curled up talking about beach walks and all the adventures we have had. There were pats and hugs from Aimee, Chelsea and Julie.

Then it was time.

Just after 3pm Claudia, a nurse and I sat on the floor and snuggled with Riley as the green dream gave him the wings to fly over the rainbow bridge to the place where his spirit will run free.

I will be forever grateful for the love of this precious soul who was with me through the thick and thin of over 7 years.

Run free my angel.

We will get to do one last walk together when I scatter your ashes on your favourite beach….

Thank you for blessing me will love, companionship, tenderness, playfulness and joy… My cup has runneth over..

Peace and light Ali xxx

Being followed by a black dog while trying to make today count.

make today count

For a girl who was never a fan of dogs, till I got Riley, I seem to attract them to me.

The black one that was curled up on the mat met me as I exited the back door as if it had always been there. No matter what I did or said or thought it just wouldn’t leave. It followed me as if it owned me draining my energy and my resistance to seeing it.

Meanwhile Riley sat watching me. Day by day he just looked at me with his big eyes ever confident that I would turn my attention back to him. Yet for some inexplicable reason the black dog had me so distracted and detached.

On automatic I do the things that need doing and labour long and hard with the things that need more energy than I feel I have left to give. Still I keep putting one foot in front of the other facing the challenges even if it is somewhat daunting.

Today I awoke and made the decision that it was time to make today count. So I am doing everything with intent today. Getting up Riley looked at me with such expectation that I got dressed and we headed to the beach.


We walked for the first time in a while and as I walked I tried to suck in all the energy that the pounding waves were spraying in my direction.

By the time I got home I felt the subtle shift in me. So I will continue to have move forward with intent. The black dog has moved off still just sitting in the periphery of my view but moving just the same.

So make today count people.  Love light and intent. Ali xx

Fog nestled in like a sleeping child.

Strange weather approaches from the north. As we await the fallout from tropical cyclone Olwyn the weather ahead of the storm was strangely calm this morning.

I awoke to a still warm morning with clear skies. As I headed out to the beach at 5;15am I was amazed to find that as I headed down into town the whole area was enveloped in an autumnal pea soup fog.

Like some old school scary movie visibility was very low so I moved with caution towards the coast. At the last line of dunes before the beach it cleared and the ocean came into view. Obviously the fog lay between Mt Shadforth and the sea nestled in between the two like a sleeping child.

I love these kinds of mornings for one special reason…

When you head down the beach there is a point of cliff way ahead of you where this fog rolls over the top and down out to sea. Just like the memories of dreams it dissipates slowly but surely. Watching it roll out is a gift of the early morning bestowed upon those of us that get up and get going this early.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Life is filled with wonderful, surprising, breathtaking moments just like these and for that I am ever grateful.

May your weekend roll gently into a beautiful blessing.. Peace and light Ali xxx

I had chocolate mousse for breakfast and it was AWESOME!!

Have you ever had a moment when you open the fridge looking for breakfast and you think to yourself ohhhhh I know what I want!!!  Then the sensible you kicks in and you push away that yearning and do the sensible grown up thing… Or so you think..

This morning a couple of major things happened.

Firstly I realised that it is time to move my alarm forward 15 minutes to 4:45am as the beach was quite dark when I arrived.

821 822 823

I still walked in the beautiful cool air and loved every minute of it but decided that for safety I best adjust my timing. The climbing over the rocks in the dark is a little bit risky and although I like a challenge my inner self is saying time to ease up on that one.

The second thing relates to the fridge and to the changes I have made to my life….

Chocolate mousse has always been on my list of things I love however up till recently it was the kind that was full of who knows what, sugar overload hello Cadburys!!

Now I make it clean… Two avocados, four spoons of raw cacao, splash of coconut oil, honey to taste and my personal special ingredient a cap full of pure peppermint oil… Not a naughty ingredient in site…

So this morning I opened the fridge, surveyed the abundance of good things in there, decided I would have chocolate mousse for breakfast… no guilt just nutrient rich deliciousness… And IT WAS AWESOME!!!


Hoping you are all having a fabulous day…

Chocolaty Love and light Ali xxx

Walking after a storm… humidity rising… finding the still calm space. 76


It was one of those spectacular mornings this morning that only happen after some kind of strange weather.  The topical low that was supposed to be a cyclone, way up north, turned into a rain bearing depression and has travelled down the coast with its tendrils reaching all the way to here.

Yesterday got hot and very, very humid… The sky became very dark and then it broke and we got 3mm of very welcome rain.

Thunder and lightning sent poor Riley looking for cover so this morning it was nice for him to be playing on the beach. The Giant, who debated coming to the beach was equally pleased when his feet hit the sand and the cool water came rushing to meet him.


The salty haze hung heavily over the third rock ledge giving an eerie edge to the view.


We couldn’t hear any thunder yet out to sea the lightning was flashing to the water with considerable regularity.


Finally the sun peaked over the escarpment and reflected on the pools on the rock ledge. As beautiful as it was there was an almost instantaneous rise in temperature that made me glad we were already on our way back to the car park.


The rock bridge from one rock ledge to the other looked wonderful in the strange light.


I stood in a rock pool and cooled my feet before making the last bit of the trek back to the car. There is something cathartic in the way your whole body responds to having your feet in the sea. It is almost as if the ocean sucks out of you all the cares and woes and calms your very being.


It is such a privilege to live in a place where this is possible 365 days of the year. My heart slows as does my breathing and when I close my eyes my mind is calm and clear. A day started like this gives me resilience to face all that can come my way. For tha,t and so much more, I am grateful.

May you feel the calm and breathe the deep resonating breath of peace.

Love, light and harmony.  Ali xxx