And the universe says….10 July 2017

Its a cold grey day here in Darlington but as i look out from my kitchen window i see abundant life. Tiny little finches with splashes of red are dancing amid the sunshine yellow blossums of the wattle. Speedy little souls who defy my attempts to capture them on film! The breeze has that edge to it that finds a way to penetrated the layers haphazardly thrown on for warmth. The embers of lasts njghts fire almost imperceptably lingering amid the ashes.
In 23 days time i will depart this house one last time and head out into the wide blue yonder with undefined expectations. I am both nervous and excited at all the possibilities that lie before me. I feel both humbled and immensely grateful for all my life experiences thus far and am moving forward with an open heart to wherever the road takes me.
To those of you who have walked a while with me on my life journey thus far i say thank you. All of you have blessed my life in a myriad of ways that neither you or i could have envisaged when we met. It has been a glorious journey filled with blinding light, unfathomable darkness and tints of every hue in between. Every shade and colour adding to the palate of my life experience.
Based on this lived experience i stride forward knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are emotions still waiting to be experienced, colours still waiting to be seen for the first time, breezes still reaching out like tendrils waiting to touch my skin. Strange new places to visit, curious people to meet, connections to be made, life to live.
So as i prepare to dive in to this new adventure i remind myself to breathe deeply, step forward and listen to what the universe says…

Peace and light.


Feeling the healing powers of walking in the ocean..

Some days getting out of bed is difficult. My mind is so full of thoughts about so many things. Mostly about how I find myself in this space at this time of my life.

I look back and see my life so far has been a huge adventure filled with wonder, fear, love, loss and change. All of these elements have contributed to making me who I am today. I feel peaceful about that. Peaceful in the knowledge that I am doing the best I can and that I have hope for the future what ever it may hold.

So when I don’t want to get up I think about moments on the beach when my feet are in the ocean and my dreams and aspirations begin to flow. When the movement of the water across my skin draws the pain and anguish from deep inside me slowing my breathing and allowing me to be still. When the stillness allows my heart to open.

The taste of salty air on my lips makes my tongue involuntarily run across them causing me to smile. As does the sight of my furry companion Sasha chasing seagulls and throwing random bits of seaweed in the air. Sasha loves the beach and makes each of our visits there an adventure.

My spirit is recharged as my toes feel the sand beneath them and we walk. Early mornings have a way of slowly warming you and at the same time healing you as the light of the break of day dances on the water. The warmth of the rising sun soaks deep into the parts of you that need to be set free as if it is a magic key to the lock on the sacred space deep inside.

For these gifts, and so much more, I feel blessed. Blessed to be here in this space, blessed to be feeling all that I am in this moment, blessed to have found my way to the magic, blessed for the fellow travellers on life’s road that smile my way.


Lights beach Jan 8B

A perfect landing and take off on a clear blue day. 74

Have you every looked at the sky and wondered what it would be like to fly?


Today was that kind of day. Walking on the pristine beach where the footprints from yesterday only existed higher than the tide line. The sky before sunrise has the amazing capacity to draw you in and hold you suspended in its almost light.

Riley was quickly racing about looking and smelling everything.


By the time we got on to the long beach the light was getting brighter and the wind blowing in my face.

A lone seagull flew by and then decided to set down on the beach. In one move it alighted on the ground, looked around, then lifted off leaving a perfect set of footprints behind.


Soon the sun was peeking over the escarpment and the brilliance made me squint. The warm rays reaching out into the day.


As we approached the end of the long beach, the waves and the blueness captivated me. I looked, inhaled deeply then headed for the car park.


May your mornings bring you clarity joy and may your landings be perfect.

Love and light Ali xxx

Not a cloud in the sky just amazing… Feeling blessed. 68

Well today started out spectacularly well.. Riley is back home and was very excited to be getting in the car and heading for the beach this morning.

We arrived to find no a cloud in the sky and the water looked glorious.

681 682

As we walked and talked Riley ran and played and then headed for the rock ledge with the Giant in tow.

683 684

I love the way the light plays on the surface of the water and how it changes the way everything looks.

685 686

The feel of the sand beneath my feet and the cool water swirling round my ankles is quite hypnotic. It is as if time is irrelevant. I like to just walk and let it all soak into my being. Just beautiful.

As we returned toward the car park I notice this one small bunch of seaweed in a rock pool it looked so pretty.


Then in the last of the rock pools I found my small sea slug from yesterday just working its way down a frond of weed on the side of the pool. The little antennae are fabulous, if you move close they retract and then slowly reappear.


The drive home was followed by a great session of practise on my guitar… How wonderful life is.

Feeling immense gratitude for the opportunities that life is offering me… Peace and light Ali xxx

Back to the beach… 64/66

What a morning.. It rained during the night but not enough to register in the gauge so this morning up we got and Riley and I headed out to the beach. The Giant had already left yesterday on an expedition to the big smoke.


20 minutes exercise.

How could you not feel enthused about exercise when this is the view that greets you on the beach. It was a little cool and threatening rain from some of the heavier clouds. Magical light was just wonderful.


I even managed to capture the octopus reaching out to see if Riley was good for breakfast.. Funny moment.

643 645

There is something so special about the way the colours reflect on the water.

646 647

As the sun gets higher in the sky the changing light takes my breath away.


Then I found this old lady drinking tea among the rocks…


20 Minutes learning

Aura Lee on the guitar is actually sounding like it might be manageable. I am starting to find that I am remembering where the notes are so I am picking up the tunes quicker.

Will be leaving my trusty guitar at home over the next couple of days while I head to the city for a very special surprise 80th birthday.

Don’t worry I will be back with photos and stories to tell.

20 minutes reading.

Almost at the end of Gone Girl now… predictable and not holding my interest but I will battle on.. I think I have read so much true crime that fictional crime doesn’t really cut it.  What is it they say life is way more interesting than fiction.

Hoping and wishing Ali xxx

Silhouette of a man in the early morning light. Content, excellent, laughing 61/66

610 611

20 minutes exercise.

The Giant wandered onto the beach ahead of me this morning, somewhat in his own headspace searching for treasure left on the shore by the outgoing tide. It was an image that struck a chord with me and became my angle for shooting on the beach this morning.

612 613 614 615 616 617619 618 619a


Reminds me of a castaway on an island immersed in the search for answers.. Resonates with this journey…  Content.

20 minutes learning.

Well the Giant nearly fell off his chair this morning with surprise as I picked up my guitar and played the blues piece without looking at the music..

‘I can believe you did that” said the Giant with just the right amount of surprise… Yep I said I did… didn’t even look at the page..

Progress my friends, might be slow but it is moving on… Excellent.

20 minutes reading/researching

WIFI is a fickle piece of work… So I unpacked the new printer/fax/scanner, followed all the instructions with an absolute step by step process… Everything lights up and yet when I go to connect  via WIFI… It wont!!!

After a large number of step by step attempts I finally concede and call tech support… They will call back as soon as a technician is available… Before next Christmas would be nice!!

There is a really good reason that on a good day I still like to write in books on actual paper with an actual pen…. Tech gear is great but only as great as your WIFI connection.  Roll on the pulse.   Laughing…

Thinking happy thoughts.. Love and light Ali xxx

Beauty, and the boundless nature of the universe. 60/66

Today is quite a milestone in this challenge as it is day 60 of 66!! As with all things sometimes glitches occur and so todays exercise didn’t happen until 4pm. That is one of the interesting things about life, you just have to go with the flow. Last night there were a number of factors that contributed to minimal sleep so that at 5am sleep finally occurred. Rather than get bent out of shape about the break in my routine I decided to finish today with a walk instead. At least it will give you all a different perspective on my lovely beach.

20 minutes exercise.

The big difference between walking in the am and the pm is the wind. In the afternoon it may be warmer but the wind is howling. Oh well a free exfoliation three years worth of skin cant be a bad thing…. The other bonus is the shades of blue… Unbelievable.

601 602 604 605 606 607 608 609

20 minutes learning.

Over the last 60 days I have made and effort to do things that resonate with me. None of it needs to be relevant to anyone else as this is a personal journey. There have been several characters who have wandered into the pages, I have loved that and appreciate that they chose to join me. Still this is a journey of self discovery.


20 minutes reading/planning/researching

Sometimes I find things along the road of searching that were not even on my radar that turn out to be invaluable to my journey. Maybe that is the point.

Maybe it is in the looking that we find what we really need and sometimes the thing we set out to look at becomes an irrelevant pit-stop on the journey. There are things that I now view as gifts that came simple because I was searching what a wonderful concept to recognise. Universe delivering simply and quietly even when you did not recognise the need.

Rest well people tomorrow is another day in this beautiful journey of life.

Love and light Ali xxx