Drenched in the nicest possible way 10/66

stormy morning 1

Dark and ominous clouds lay just out to sea as we approached the beach this morning. In my head I could hear you all laughing that this was the day for a darn good drenching!!

20 minutes of exercise.

The Giant, once again clad in his favourite fluro jacket, looked a little unsure as we got out of the warm ute and headed to the crest of the hill on the approach to the beach. A huge tide had happened overnight and the beach was pristine but for two sets of footprints both of whom we met every morning walking dogs.

As we headed out onto the sand the washing machine of an ocean made the ground vibrate. The sea, warm and frothy, rushed past us up the beach. I almost fell over with the force of the drag on the water and had a momentary vision of being swept out to sea with all the weed and debris.

The first couple of showers were that light misty rain that you hardly even feel. No rock shelf walking today as it was almost waist deep and surging with great force. I love a bit of adventure but I also have the greatest respect for the power of the ocean and as I am not a swimmer of note, I took the option of a rock climb. The second rock shelf was also impassable causing us to explore the enormous chunks of limestone, some speared into the beach as if they were missiles, that have fallen from way up above on the cliff face.

The weather was coming from the north east so it was not till we turned around that we realised the dark sky was approaching at speed.

stormy morning

The Giant looked out to sea and suggested “We could stay here in the rock crevice till it passes”  Having been out on this beach in a similar circumstance before I suggested we keep going.  “Really!” said the Giant. “Yes” said I hoping we would be a fairway toward the car park when the downpour made land fall.

Lets just say DRENCHED!! is an understatement. You know those moments when the rain is running down your face and is so forceful you have to look down at your feet to see anything? Well this was one of those moment!!  The water running down my legs was making little rivers as it flew out from my toes merging with the ocean water.

The Giant and I stood there soaking it all in… Literally!

It was a fabulous moment that made me so glad we had gone this morning.

20 Minutes learning.

Well today was the day to get the CD out of the back of the guitar book and attempt to play along with the first 8 recordings. If there is anything that brings you down to earth it is the realisation that you have no sense of timing at all!

I was however, happy to find that I could follow the notes in many places. So my new resolve is that I will not move on to the next piece until I can get the timing right on these ones.

I am understanding more and more the importance of this everyday 20 minute learning space. I thought I would need more things to fill it but now realise that the repetition is what is helping me to improve everyday. It is that constant going over of the notes from the day before that is slowly but surely imprinting them in my brain.

I am feeling very grateful for this opportunity to learn.

20 minutes planning/ preparing.

Vegetable soup is todays venture for planning and preparing. The Giant departs back to the world of the Pit and Digger in a couple of days. In an effort to have as much time as possible with him before he goes I decided that while he was in the shower I would plan and prepare a healthy vegetable soup for this rainy cold day. (interesting point: it never feels cold on the beach in the morning especially if you have your feet in the water.. However, when you get home the temperature seems to drop several degrees).

What better way to be clear on what you do and don’t have in the fridge than to make soup! So not only do we have a delicious lunch bubbling gently away but the fridge is also now tidy and I can clearly see what is there. That’s got to be an achievement in itself.

veg soup

Well as usual it is time to get on and do some work…

Have a spectacular day people. love and light Ali xx


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